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No. 364, January 2000

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Japanese Companies in the US


Less than three years after opening a plant in Garden Grove, California that had double the capacity of its former Los Angeles facility, the subsidiary of tofu producer HOUSE FOODS CORP. is bumping up against supply constraints. The factory now can turn out 150,000 packages of tofu a day, but after two additional production lines are added at a cost of $9.7 million, the plant will have the capacity to make 250,000 units daily. The new lines are scheduled to be operational in June. With demand for tofu increasing steadily in the United States, House Foods is talking about building a factory on the East Coast at some unspecified time.

Okinawa's ORION BREWERIES LTD. is testing the market in the United States for its Orion Premium Draft Beer. The Los Angeles subsidiary of a small trading company is handling sales, targeting them to Hawaii, San Francisco and New York City. The test volume, which was scheduled to be shipped before year-end 1999, was a limited 13,200 gallons. Depending on the market reaction, Orion Breweries will decide on 2000 shipments.

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