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No. 366, March 2000

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American Companies in Japan


The list of Japanese firms licensing from FLASHPOINT TECHNOLOGY, INC. the standardized Digita software platform for intelligent digital imaging appliances continues to grow. ASAHI OPTICAL CO., LTD., the maker of the Pentax brand of cameras, recently joined KONICA CORP., MINOLTA CO., LTD. and SEIKO EPSON CORP. It will incorporate the technology in its next-generation products for enthusiasts as well as for mobile professionals and other business users. The beauty of FlashPoint's Digita software platform is that it allows users not only to capture and view images easily but also to add text annotations, store and catalog them, and implement new imaging applications that run directly in the camera. .....Meanwhile, San Jose, California-based FLASHPOINT TECHNOLOGY, INC. announced that SEIKO EPSON CORP. is using Digita in a new line of digital photo printers. The software platform enables the ultra-megapixel EPSON PT-110 to edit, filter, template and output high-quality images from any type of digital camera without connecting the printer to a PC. The PT-110 is available now in Japan at a price of $640.

EASTMAN KODAK CO.'s subsidiary has broadened its line of film products. It is marketing under the Japan-only Gold MAX brand name Kodak's maximum versatility color film operating at speeds of 400 and 800. New as well is the Advantix 400 color film for any type of APS camera.

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