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No. 344, May 1998

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Japanese Companies in the US


A major expansion is underway of the hog operation that ITOHAM FOODS INC. established near Witland, Wyoming last year with MARUBENI CORP. The big processed pork producer has earmarked $54.5 million to build and equip facilities on land adjacent to WYOMING PREMIUM FARMS L.L.C.'s current property, which houses a starter herd of 5,000 brood sows capable of producing 100,000 hogs a year for shipment to the U.S. market. The goal is to increase the herd to 30,000 sows producing 660,000 pigs for fattening each year. Until Tokyo ends safeguards on pork imports, presumably after 2000, Itoham Foods and partner Marubeni will continue to sell their output in the United States.

In five years, SALAD COSMO CO., LTD. expects to have 5,000 acres near Dixon, California in the Sacramento Valley planted to radishes, soybeans, alfalfa and, especially, mung beans. The Nagano prefecture company came to the area in 1995 to assure a supply of pure, organically grown seed for its sprout operations in Japan. Now, however, it will start marketing sprouts to grocery stores in northern California in addition to shipping seed back home. A facility on the property for seed cleaning, germination, processing and packaging was completed recently.

An exchange rate of ¥132=$1.00 was used in this report.

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