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No. 346, July 1998

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Hoping to capitalize on Big Bang financial market changes and growing interest in all- things-Internet, ETRADE GROUP, INC. and SOFTBANK CORP. have launched a company to offer on-line investment services, including stock trading. The Palo Alto, California firm will attempt to replicate in Japan its successful U.S. electronic investment system by providing its cutting-edge technology and consumer-friendly products and services. It owns 42 percent of the joint venture, which expects to begin full-scale operations in 1999 once brokerage commission fees are fully liberalized. Discount trading fees are one of ETRADE's hallmarks. Softbank, which put some venture capital into ETRADE, will help with tailoring services and products for local tastes.

PANDESIC LLC of Sunnyvale, California has opened a wholly owned subsidiary to pursue the electronic commerce services market. The joint venture between INTEL CORP. and SAP AMERICA, INC. will be a one-stop shop for doing business over the Internet, providing EC-related hardware and software as well as consulting services, primarily to midsized and and small businesses. It is relying on five marketing partners, including NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORP. and YAMATO TRANSPORT CO., LTD., to line up customers and help with systems integration.

Through its local arm, COMPAQ COMPUTER CORP. has begun offering Internet- based electronic data interchange services to wholesalers and retailers interested in improving their generally lagging efficiency. Combining software that adheres to the Ministry of International Trade and Industry's JEDICOS standard for EDI in the distribution sector with its ProLiant line of PC servers running Windows NT, the Compaq system has been tested successfully by Japan's largest supermarket chain operator, DAIEI, INC. Data and transmission security is based on the Secure Sockets Layer technology, which is standard in most current Web browsers.

In its second recent contract win from a big Japanese bank, VERISIGN, INC. has provided digital identification certification for YASUDA TRUST & BANKING CO., LTD.'s planned on-line banking services. VeriSign's Global Server ID system uses a 128-bit key, providing the very high level of security that Yasuda Trust officials want for their Web site. The Mountain View, California company also will secure SUMITOMO BANK, LTD.'s on-line financial services through its OnSite public key infrastructure system and safeguard the bank's network communications with 128-bit Global Server IDs (see Japan-U.S. Business Report No. 345, June 1998, pp. 17-18).

Another company whose products and technology provide security for electronic interactions through digital certificates has moved into the market. Dallas-based ENTRUST TECHNOLOGIES INC. signed an exclusive distribution agreement with SECOM CO., LTD., Japan's top security services firm. SECOM INFORMATION SYSTEMS CO., LTD. will work with its parent to sell and deploy Entrust software, which, among other uses, allows companies to identify employees on-line. That will be a primary market target. Secom is projecting sales of $7.1 million in FY 1998 and $71.4 million over the following three years.

An updated Web page/site editor from SYMANTEC CORP.'s subsidiary gives nonspecialized users access to some of the latest, cutting-edge Web technologies. They include cascading-style sheets, automatic link-checking, sitewide search and replace, and easy integration with Java applets. Visual Page 2.0 comes bundled with a large graphics and image library for just $120.

Also in the software update category is INTERLEAF, INC.'s Xtreme document-to-Web conversion system. The Waltham, Massachusetts firm's subsidiary debuted Xtreme late last year (see Japan-U.S. Business Report No. 339, December 1997, p. 18) and now has released version 1.1.1, which is fully Java-savvy and offers more interactive capabilities. A 10-user license costs roughly $3,600, while a 100-user package lists for $20,700.

A pair of Internet/intranet servers from MICROSOFT CORP.'s local organization promise greater power, flexibility and ease of use. Microsoft Site Server 3.0, which costs $1,400 and up, offers a richer variety of tools to manage and mine corporate information. Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition is a turnkey electronic commerce server that is easily customizable and integrates simply with third-party applications. Its pricing starts at $6,300.

San Jose, California-based BACKWEB TECHNOLOGIES INC. has rolled out a new version of its push-type information distribution system, BackWeb Infocenter. Version 4.0, available through a KANEMATSU CORP. affiliate, combines automatic knowledge gathering, automatic data filtering and organizing, and automatic just-in-time delivery. BackWeb and its distributor hope to install the $14,100 software on 150 servers this year. BackWeb first brought its push technology to Japan last September.

Information push software from LOTUS DEVELOPMENT CORP.'s subsidiary is finely tuned to the needs of the financial industry. Starting at $12,900, Lotus Notes Ticker r1.0 provides price data in real time to Notes clients using individualized information filters and display formats.

Demonstrating that the line between the Web and the corporation is blurring, two Internet application server packages give companies the tools to make their existing programs Internet-savvy as well as to develop, deploy and manage Net-centric business processes. Netscape Application Server Business Edition 2/JA from NETSCAPE COMMUNICATIONS CORP.'s subsidiary comes in a basic edition for $13,600, plus Windows NT and Unix flavors for $26,800 and $37,500, respectively. Netscape and development/marketing partner FUJITSU, LTD. expect NAS sales to hit $185.7 million by FY 2000. .....Through its subsidiary, WALL DATA INC. is offering the Cyberprise 6 series, including server ($28,600), host ($715), data, tools and channels modules. The Kirkland, Washington developer expects sales of Cyberprise software and consulting services to rise sharply as it moves toward localized versions. That explains the boost in its subsidiary's capitalization to $2.8 million from just $71,400.

With the help of NEC CORP. and SOFTBOAT INC., Bellevue, Washington-based SUPERCEDE, INC. has localized its namesake Java-based business application development tool. SuperCede, a recent spin-off from ASYMETRIC CORP., hopes SuperCede 2.0J will appeal to firms with significant Unix legacy resources and Windows NT front ends because of its many tools to link and integrate these disparate environments. The Java development package comes as a $90 standard version and as a professional version for $1,400. SuperCede and its partners expect revenues to hit $3.1 million the first year based on a sales volume of 80,000 copies.


A host of industrial-strength Internet communications applications have come on the market targeted at large-scale users and Internet service providers. NETWORK COMPUTER, INC., for one, made a big splash in introducing AnyISP, a package that includes all the software to create and roll out Enhanced TV services. The Redwood Shores, California affiliate of ORACLE CORP. signed up as customers four big cable TV operators and ISPs: CROSSBEAM NETWORKS CORP., a SUMITOMO CORP. company, DDI CORP., DREAM TRAIN INTERNET CORP., a subsidiary of MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORP., and MARUBENI CORP. affiliate INTERACTIVE CABLE AND COMMUNICATIONS CORP. The companies hope that AnyISP's ability to track user preferences and affinities will give them an edge in an increasingly competitive market when they launch new Internet-based services for their 13 million combined subscribers later this year.

With the close cooperation of ITOCHU TECHNO-SCIENCE CORP., Mountain View, California-based RESONATE, INC. has brought out a Japanese version of Dispatch Central, its flagship product for managing and optimizing the performance of multiple- server Web sites. The family of modules, which begin at $17,700, helps large-scale Internet sites speed the flow of information with the scalability to handle demand peaks.

Software from INKTOMI CORP. is designed to improve the response times of Web sites by caching frequently requested or popular Web pages. The San Mateo, California firm's Traffic Server claims "hit" rates on cached pages of as high as 50 percent in real-life applications. The Web site performance enhancer is available locally through ITOCHU TECHNO-SCIENCE CORP., which also is providing after- sales support.

Carrier-scale Internet messaging services is what SOFTWARE.COM, INC.'s InterMail family of products provides at a comparatively reasonable cost. With more than 10 million of its e-mail boxes installed, the Santa Barbara, California firm is hyping InterMail's scalability, reliability and availability to local ISPs and other operators of large-scale network services.

As the variety and the levels of services provided by Internet access firms grow, so does the need for sophisticated billing software. PORTAL SOFTWARE, INC. and NTT SOFTWARE CORP. are working to fulfill this need by localizing the Cupertino, California firm's Infranet package. Billed as "real-time, no-limits," Infranet integrates the management of core ISP business operations, including registering, tracking, supporting and billing service subscribers.

A competing package is available from USCS INTERNATIONAL, INC.'s wholly owned subsidiary, CABLEDATA INC., and business partner BILLINGSOFT JAPAN LTD. The Rancho Cordova, California firm's Intelecable manages customer relations and billing for combined CATV and other services. Local customers include TITUS COMMUNICATIONS CORP. (a 40 percent/60 percent unit of TELE-COMMUNICA- TIONS, INC. and SUMITOMO CORP.) and JUPITER TELECOMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD. (an equally owned venture of TIME WARNER INC., US WEST INC., ITOCHU CORP. and TOSHIBA CORP.). Both companies currently offer cable TV and telephony services, but they want to add cable modem, Internet access and other interactive services.

Buyers seeking SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC.'s Solaris operating system have another local source. NTT SOFTWARE CORP. recently signed on as a reseller and integrator of Sun's version of Unix and its associated family of support modules.

IBM JAPAN LTD. has released a version of the venerable DOS operating system that solves Year 2000 issues. PC DOS 2000, which costs $70, is based on PC DOS Version 7 but adds such features as Y2K enabling, century rollover, more application memory, load device drivers without rebooting, antivirus protection, file synchronizer for PDAs and PCMCIA support for PC Cards.

Software and electronic game companies have a new option to protect their products from unauthorized reproduction. DiscGuard and DiscAudit from New York City's TTR, INC. authenticates and protects such optical media as CD-ROMs and DVDs from casual and professional illegal replication. Distributor EAGLE INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. of Tokyo predicts a big market in Japan for TTR's products since the Software Publishers Association estimates that as much as two-thirds of all software used in Japan is bootlegged.

EMC CORP. has a remedy for overburdened networks. The Hopkinton, Massachusetts firm's InfoMover 2.0 handles bulk file transfers between mainframe and Unix-based systems using the Symmetrix Enterprise Storage System's I/O channels, removing such traffic from the regular network. With a price tag starting at $42,900, InfoMover helps large companies collect and centralize information from a wide range of heterogeneous sources, enabling real-time data warehousing and enterprise resource planning applications.

Another approach to managing network traffic — service-level prioritization — is available from UKIAH SOFTWARE, INC. and distributor NETSERVE INC. The Campbell, California firm has developed three modules that automatically categorize data packets according to policy guidelines, allocating more resources to those data streams with higher priority. NetRoad TrafficWARE Gateway manages the bandwidth at the WAN access point, NetRoad TrafficWARE Monitor lets administrators watch and profile network activity and, the newest module, NetRoad TrafficWARE for NT Applications Servers, decides how best to use these increasingly important resources. NetServe is projecting sales of 300 NetRoad TrafficWARE modules in the first year.

A third approach to allocating distributed computing resources efficiently comes from IBM JAPAN LTD. courtesy of a recent acquisition by its parent. Following the purchase of UNISON SOFTWARE, INC. of Santa Clara, California, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP. subsidiary TIVOLI SYSTEMS INC. incorporated Unison's Maestro workload-management package into its TME 10 enterprise system management family. That configuration costs $37,600 and up. It also combined Maestro with its TME 10 OPC host job-scheduling module, which lists for $25,900. IBM Japan now can offer one-stop shopping to customers that want an integrated job- scheduling solution from desktop to data center.

The Version 6 update of HP OpenView Network Node Manager now is tightly integrated with HP OpenView NetMetrix 6.0, providing both network monitoring and performance/availability management in one package. Node Manager 6.0 offers out- of-the-box reports, data warehousing, ready-to-go event correlation technology, a Java-based interface and increased scalability and reliability. NetMetrix 6.0 includes a comprehensive set of network management tools, extensive performance monitoring, analysis and reporting for the entire network, and expanded network health and performance reporting. HEWLETT-PACKARD JAPAN LTD. has priced the package from just $8,700.

NOVELL INC.'s subsidiary has brought out a new, localized version of the ManageWise, an integrated set of network management services. ManageWise 2.5J lets users monitor and control heterogeneous networks in their native language, including print queues, NetWare servers and SNMP devices. The package also automatically generates a list of network devices and inventories the hard disk contents of each node and server. Pricing is open.


To ease the task of installing and updating the operating systems and applications of client machines, Japanese network administrators can turn to LANDesk Configuration Manager 1.5J from PLATINUM TECHNOLOGY, INC. of Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. Available from ASSIST CO., LTD., the localized network tool installs administrator- defined desktops via the network and handles everything from full-fledged PCs to network computers and "dumb" terminals.

For administrators of academic and teaching computer networks, client control software from SMARTSTUFF DEVELOPMENT CORP. ensures the integrity of key files. FoolProof, available in Japanese for Windows 95 and Mac OS computers, allows an administrator to bar users from accessing critical files, commands and system parameters without compromising their freedom to explore and experiment with the client computer. The Mac OS version also lets an administrator customize pull-down and other menus as well as control client access to the Internet. Distributor QUALITY CO., LTD. of Tokyo has set license pricing at $575 for five seats and $1,100 for 10 seats.

Following the opening of its subsidiary (see Japan-U.S. Business Report No. 343, April 1998, p. 19), Ft. Lauderdale, Florida CYBERGUARD CORP. has fulfilled its pledge to market a version of its FireWall network security software for Windows NT systems. Distributor NISSHIN ELECTRIC CO., LTD. has started CyberGuard FireWall pricing at $1,900.

SecureVIEW from Norcross, Georgia-based SECUREIT, INC. gives network security staff a sophisticated tool to access, analyze and report on log-file data generated by Check Point FireWall-1 systems. A wholly owned subsidiary of VERISIGN, INC., SecureIT has lined up HITACHI INFORMATION NETWORK, LTD. to handle marketing. The partners expect to sell 3,000 copies of SecureVIEW over the next three years. Prices start at $2,400.

NETWORK ASSOCIATES, INC. hopes its Total Virus Defense suite will sweep Japan as it did in the United States. A single, centrally managed package, TVD provides comprehensive enterprisewide security against viruses at all potential points of entry to the network. TVD is available in Japanese as a stand-alone product or as part of the Santa Clara, California firm's Net Tools Secure comprehensive site security package.

IBM JAPAN LTD. has ported its FaxDirector family of network facsimile tools to the Windows NT operating system. Starting at $1,300, the FaxDirector line includes modules for PC and midrange servers, client software, image and photo transmission add-ons and printing utilities.

The growing momentum behind the Linux freeware operating system is beginning to reach Japan's shores. In cooperation with distributor RIOS CORP., Scotts Valley, California INTERBASE SOFTWARE CORP. has localized its namesake relational data base management system for Linux. InterBase 4.0 uses Java-based clients, versioning architecture to handle both on-line transaction processing and strategic decisionmaking queries, and a rich variety of data types and interface hooks to offer a product that is easy to install, customize, use and maintain.

To keep up with the competition, RED BRICK SYSTEMS, INC. has updated its data warehouse package for both Unix and Windows NT systems. Red Brick Warehouse v5.1 offers faster performance, more varied data types, greater automatic features and Internet connectivity. The Unix version goes for $85,700 and up, while the one for Windows NT starts at $8,600.

Minneapolis-headquartered LSC, INC. signed up FUJITSU, LTD. to distribute and support its Storage and File Manager-File System. SAM-FS automates the collection, organization, storage and access of corporate data using both on-line and near-line storage devices. It also provides data security through automatic backup, is highly scalable, and ensures fast and continuous user access to information. Fujitsu expects to install 40 SAM-FS systems over the next three years at prices starting at $17,100.

The local unit of Burlington, Massachusetts-based PC DOCS, INC. has released the latest version of the DOCSFusion product line. DOCSFusion has been fine-tuned to act as a server-based document management engine. Web-based clients can access DOCSFusion with CyberDOCS, while Windows clients use PowerDOCS. DOCSFusion Routing is the nerve center for mixed hardware environments based on DOCSFusion's document-centric workflow model. PC DOCS also offers a package integrating DOCSFusion with Fulcrum Knowledge Network, an information retrieval program from FULCRUM TECHNOLOGIES INC. PC DOCS expects its new stable of products, which start at $6,800 for a single server/five-client license, to generate sales of $35.7 million over three years.

BAAN CO.'s subsidiary has jumped into the thick of the enterprise resource planning fray by introducing a new version of its ERP package. Baan IVc for MICROSOFT CORP.'s BackOffice puts a more accessible and manageable interface on the complex subject of ERP, offering greater flexibility and simpler administration. Baan IVc's tight focus on manufacturing operations is both a strength and a weakness, depending on whether or not a customer is in this line of business. The Menlo Park, California company hopes to install Baan IVc at 500 sites.

Another competitor that wants a piece of the ERP market is IBM JAPAN LTD. It has released a start-to-finish ERP service package for small businesses. As part of ERP Solution, the company provides "business transformation, re-engineering, implementation, education and training." IBM Japan's package is built around ERP software from PEOPLESOFT, INC. It retails at $53,600 for a single-seat package, $71,400 for a 10-seat license and $107,100 for a 50-seat deal.

A workflow planning module for its popular Oracle8 relational data base is now available from ORACLE CORP.'s local operation. Workflow Cartridge 2.0.3 lets Oracle8 users track and monitor business and manufacturing processes from a project-oriented standpoint. A license for the add-on costs $3,400 for eight concurrent users, plus $430 for each additional seat.

To boost the level of automated service provided by telephone call centers, NUANCE COMMUNICATIONS is offering the latest version of its natural language speech recognition software, Nuance 6 for Japanese. The software comes with a developer's toolkit to create speech-enabled applications. This task will be simplified further when Nuance Communications releases a library of reusable components called Speech- Objects. Distribution and support are being handled by OMRON CORP., which chose to link up with the Menlo Park, California company after benchmarking several industrial-strength speech recognition packages. Omron is projecting sales of 20 copies of Nuance 6 for Japanese, which is said to be 95 percent accurate in recognizing numbers, words and simple phrases spoken over the phone. Pricing begins at $35,700.

AURUM SOFTWARE INC. has lined up another distributor beside TRANS COSMOS INC. (see Japan-U.S. Business Report No. 339, December 1997, p. 20). HITACHI, LTD. will carry, integrate and support the entire line of Aurum SFA (sales force automation) packages. It expects to win 3,000 orders for the Santa Clara, California firm's products over the next three years.

SFA software tailored to the particular needs of sales agents in the field is being offered by CLARIFY INC.'s Japanese organization. ClearSales 6.0 includes integrated, mobile data synchronization capabilities and supports the popular Target Account Selling methodology. Starting at $42,900, ClearSales 6.0 gathers data from records, Web site visits and other sources to help sales agents focus in on the most promising leads. It tailors the sales pitch to each customer based on past buying habits and other data. It also pulls up data that might impact on a client's needs, such as production or delivery problems with a particular product.


Japan's banks are looking for help to meet the challenge of financial market deregulation. The SunGard Asset Management Systems unit of SUNGARD DATA SYSTEMS INC. sold YASUDA TRUST & BANKING CO., LTD. on deploying its software to manage the trust bank's worldwide custody business. The Malvern, Pennsylvania firm's Global Plus package is an integrated, multicurrency, accrual- based asset accounting and management system. Yasuda Trust is the first Japanese bank to chose Global Plus for headquarters, but five Japanese banks use it in their U.S. operations (see Japan-U.S. Business Report No. 341, February 1998, p. 8). SunGard has had a local presence for more than five years. In February, it opened a new office in Tokyo.

INTUIT INC.'s unit has been working closely with NTT DATA CORP. on GARBOS-Win, a financial accounting and management program tailored for Japan's corporate market. Although it offers locally many of the personal financial management programs for which it is known in the United States, the Mountain View, California firm has been trying to penetrate the business accounting software market in Japan. The country's economic problems have spurred companies to get a tighter grip on their finances, a task GARBOS-Win is designed to handle. With prices starting at just $3,000 for a basic system, the partners expect to sell 1,000 copies the first year.

Picture Publisher 8 from Richardson, Texas-based MICROGRAFX, INC. helps Web page authors refine and edit images. Despite its commercial-grade capabilities, Picture Publisher 8's interface is designed for nonexpert users. Web Wizards, automated bevel and other tools, sophisticated lighting effects and support for animated GIFs are just some of the professional effects that the program can generate. Micrografx's subsidiary has priced the software at $250.

A digital image editing package from IBM JAPAN LTD. focuses on the budding digital camera market. The $89 Digital Camera Perfect not only lets users compensate for common camera errors, but it provides a full range of image editing tools as well.

AVID TECHNOLOGY, INC. continues to roll out nonlinear video editing products tailored for the local market. Besides being fully Japanese language-native, the Tewksbury, Massachusetts firm's video editor — the $6,100 MCX-NT 100P — and its Japanese title maker — the $20,000 MCX-NT 2000RT — offer state-of-the-art editing and special effects tools. Avid Technology's subsidiary has set a first-year sales goal of 500 units for each program.

Hoping to keep its QuickTime digital movie and music format at the top of a fast- changing market, APPLE COMPUTER INC.'s affiliate has released a new version of the program that is fully localized. QuickTime 3/J features better playback, smaller file sizes and a richer tool set. Apple is offering the upgrade gratis to both Mac OS and Windows users. A professional version can be downloaded for $29.99 from Apple's Web site. A complete Web video authoring kit is available for around $410.

High-end movie authors, multimedia DVD-ROM developers and training program creators now can take advantage of SPRUCE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.'s DVDMaestro 1.0. One of the first DVD authoring programs for Windows NT systems, DVDMaestro breaks the creation process down into chapters and presents options via simple menus. Sales and support for the Cupertino, California company's product is being provided by JAPAN INFORMATION PROCESSING SERVICE CO., LTD.

IBM JAPAN LTD. and OLYMPUS OPTICAL CO., LTD. have codeveloped a Japanese speech-to-text application, Voice-Trek VT1000RV. Olympus is marketing the $450 package, which combines one of its minirecorders with IBM Japan's ViaVoice Transcription software. Speech is recorded on a flash memory card. Inserted in a PC, the data then is analyzed by ViaVoice. The partners claim that the software can accurately convert more than 90 percent of normal-speed recordings into text. IBM Japan and Olympus already have begun their next project, combining ViaVoice Transcription with JUSTSYSTEM CORP.'s Ichitaro Lite word-processing software to allow notebook computer users to compose and enter text orally.

Three utilities from SYMANTEC CORP.'s subsidiary are designed to help laptop computer users work more efficiently away from the office. Symantec Mobile Update, which costs $5,900 for a 100-user license, automatically sends new versions of key files to users in the field via e-mail when it detects changes in the original copies stored on servers or on the user's desktop machine. The $70 Norton Mobile Essentials, coming in September, prepares a laptop for work away from the corporate network by checking modem performance, modem settings, file transfer settings and other connection parameters, changing them as needed based on the user's travel itinerary. Besides handling simple things like out-of-state area codes, the program also knows about telephone standards in foreign countries. And WinFax PRO offers faster and easier facsimile services directly from a user's laptop or desktop computer. The company expects to license 70,000 people to use Symantec Mobile Update in the first year and to sell 20,000 copies of Norton Mobile Essentials.

The market for PDA software is bustling. From San Jose, California-based PUMA TECHNOLOGY, INC. comes the Intellisync family of file synchronization programs. Japanese users of PalmPilot, Windows CE and Wintel laptops can buy localized versions of Intellisync directly from the company's new, wholly owned subsidiary for $91 to $115, depending on the product.

To boost sales of its relational data base for embedding in PDAs, Seattle's RAIMA CORP. has lined up GDL CORP. of Tokyo as its distributor. RDM for Windows CE is designed to link with corporate data servers as well as handle information such as EDI and electronic commerce data. The two firms are exploring the possibility of forming a joint venture this fall to further support sales efforts.

With Web, car and personal navigation systems taking off in Japan, AUTODESK INC.'s local operation has rolled out AutoCAD Map Release 3. The new version works with AutoCAD r14 to give users a powerful toolset for creating geographic information systems. Not only can AutoCAD maps be very detailed and easily updated, but they can be interactive and "smart," warning users of traffic problems and other developments. A full version of AutoCAD Map Release 3 retails for $5,700, but an upgrade from previous versions goes for $1,400.

With chip designers running headlong into the so-called interconnect barrier (where integrated circuit densities are so great that current design tools no longer can predict performance accurately), FREQUENCY TECHNOLOGY, INC. expects to find a strong market in Japan for its True 3D Technology. The San Jose, California company has picked as its exclusive representative SEIKO INSTRUMENTS, INC., which also is in the electronic design automation business. The EDA software is designed to analyze deep-submicron features. Seiko Instruments also has rights to all future Frequency Technology design tools and services.

Through its subsidiary, CADENCE DESIGN SYSTEMS, INC. is offering the Advanced Packaging Ensemble, a family of modules aimed at solving IC package layout problems. Besides handling the usual discrete and IC components, APE can deal with multichip modules and other dense designs. Cadence expects to sell 30 copies of APE a year. Pricing begins at $71,400.

To help INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS, INC. manage its diverse, nationwide telecommunications network, TCSI CORP. used its SolutionCore telecommunications application development platform to create a Transmission and Radio Integrated Management system. The Alameda, California company's TRIM package lets IDC engineers monitor a network of more than 100 elements in real time from seven sites, pinpointing problems and allowing solutions to be implemented immediately. Each of the seven sites can monitor any other site's network elements. Moreover, the entire network can be controlled from either IDC's Tokyo or Yokohama location. IDC officials not only are impressed with TRIM's performance but with TCSI's on-time, on-budget delivery. The project was a multimillion-dollar job.

An exchange rate of ¥140=$1.00 was used in this report.

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