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No. 350, November 1998

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American Companies in Japan


ENERGY AUTOMATION SYSTEMS, INC., a Hendersonville, Tennessee manufacturer of energy-conservation equipment, has tapped a Tokyo start-up to help it move into the Japanese market. The master distribution deal with JAPAN SAVING ENERGY PLANNING CO., LTD. covers such products as EASI's phase liner power factor correction for motors, which cuts wasted energy without any reduction in horsepower or loss of revolutions per minute by aligning the phase angle of the current and the voltage at the motor. The Japanese company also will handle the FLC fluorescent light controller. This product is installed at the lighting circuit breaker, controls all the lights on that breaker and reduces the amount of power consumed by fluorescent and most other types of lighting fixtures. In addition, Japan Saving Energy will market EASI's final condenser. It precools and subcools the refrigerant in air-cooled air conditioning and refrigeration equipment before it enters the evaporator, thereby reducing the amount of heat that the condenser must dissipate. Government facilities, large commercial buildings and hotels will be the primary marketing targets for EASI's products.

Expanding its line of PolySwitch resettable fuses, RAYCHEM CORP.'s subsidiary introduced eight products for protecting USB circuits in computers and peripherals from the hazards of short circuits and faults that can occur in plug-and-play environments. Several members of the new PolySwitch RUSB family, which is priced between 12 cents and 25 cents a part, trip faster than their predecessors and are lower in resistance. They also are half the height of previous RUSB products, making them fit more easily into space-con-strained designs.

AMP CORP.'s local operation is marketing several new connector products designed to meet the demanding space requirements of notebook and smaller portable PCs. One of the additions is a connector for battery packs that has a pitch of just 2.5 mm. It carries over the line contact concept of 3.0-mm-pitch connectors while providing ample mating misalignment tolerance. AMP also is shipping a 132-pin mounting docking connector with a receptacle height of just 5.85 mm. It complements the company's existing 9.2-mm-height and 8.0-mm-height receptacles.

An exchange rate of ¥121=$1.00 was used in this report.

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