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No. 351, December 1998

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American Companies in Japan


To counter recent moves by its competitors (see Japan-U.S. Business Report No. 348, September 1998, pp. 15-16, and No. 350, November 1998, p. 21), INFOSEEK CORP. has revamped its Internet site, adding more content channels and improving the search engine. In cooperation with site operator DIGITAL GARAGE INC., the Santa Clara, California firm has opened six content-specific areas, such as computers, sports and job search. This expansion, Infoseek hopes, will boost monthly hits to 5 million within a few months from 3.5 million currently. News, travel, music and entertainment areas will be added in the near future.

Burlington, Massachusetts-based NEWSEDGE CORP. has plunged into the Internet news-delivery business by establishing a subsidiary in Tokyo. The new unit's launch product is an electronic global industry newspaper with special sections on multimedia, telecommunications, software, digital broadcasting and medical products. Each area features about 20 articles in Japanese. The service costs $165 a year. NewsEdge, which claims more than 1 million businesspeople around the world as readers, hopes to boost the number of industry-specific "editions" to 100 within two years.

Video game fanatics in Japan now can battle on-line, thanks to an agreement between VR-1, INC. and a SONY CORP. affiliate. The two will offer the Boulder, Colorado firm's massive, multiplayer on-line gaming system, The S.A.R.A.C. Project. Hundreds of gamers can play a game together in real time, cooperating or combating each other as they pilot their futuristic submarines on a distant oceanic planet. Last May, the Sony unit picked VR-1's on-line gaming technology to power its Party Crew gaming channel.

The company formed by electronic retailer ONSALE, INC. and SOFTBANK CORP. (see Japan-U.S. Business Report No. 345, June 1998, p. 17) has achieved a first in Japan by beginning an Internet auction service aimed at the wholesale market. Softbank Internet Auction listed more than 5,000 items in its first cycle, initially focusing on PCs and PC-related products. The Mountain View, California partner provides the software and expertise to run the Web auctions, while Softbank handles goods procurement and marketing. The joint venture plans to launch an auction site accessible to consumers this spring. It will feature PC-related products, consumer electronics and sporting goods among other products.

One reason some observers predict that Japanese consumers soon will do nearly half their shopping on the Web is the long-standing tie-up between direct- response TV giant NATIONAL MEDIA CORP. and big trader MITSUI & CO., LTD. The Los Angeles firm has been aggressively leveraging its multimedia resources on the Web, recently launching three full-time video channels via the Internet. In cooperation with Mitsui, it will bring a version of its Everything4Less discount shopping Web site to Japan. The two also are contemplating joint e- commerce operations targeting Australia and other Asian countries.

APPLE COMPUTER INC.'s subsidiary has rolled out a new version of the popular Web site development tool, WebObjects 4. The new version features more tools aimed at creating, operating and managing an e-commerce system. Designed for Windows NT and Unix platforms, the software ranges in price from $420 all the way up to $57,800.

Joining the move to tie everything in the home to the Internet, browser pioneer SPYGLASS INC. has begun licensing its browser and network-control know-how to makers of home electronics products and appliances. The Naperville, Illinois business already has concluded its first contract, signing up NEC CORP. It hopes to build its local customer portfolio to 10 companies by March 2000.

Taking aim at the rapidly growing number of Internet service providers and large corporate intranets, HEWLETT-PACKARD JAPAN LTD. is shipping an Internet service management package, HP FireHunter/PRO. Besides enabling "end-to-end" carrier-grade network performance, the software -- which begins at $28,900 -- allows providers to guarantee specific levels of performance to customers. A Japanese-language version of HP FireHunter/PRO will be available in the spring.

SYMANTEC CORP.'s subsidiary has debuted a new version of the popular Visual Café Java-based application development tools. Version 3.0 includes support for the latest Java standards, including the new JDK 1.2, as well as many ready-to-use objects. The program comes in three flavors: data base ($810), professional ($370) and standard ($120).

The popularity of SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC.'s Java language is beginning to attract competitors. For instance, HEWLETT-PACKARD JAPAN LTD. licensed its "Java look-alike" language, Chi (X), to Tokyo's APLIX CORP. for use in embedded, real-time applications.

Diving through the window of opportunity created by delays in the release of MICROSOFT CORP.'s Windows 2000 enterprise operating system, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC. released a completely new version of its Solaris operating system. Besides being fully localized, the Unix-based OS now supports 64-bit computing while taking up a fraction of the disk space required by the competing Microsoft EOS. Solaris 7 pricing begins at $820 for a version that runs on desktop computers using INTEL CORP. processors. For a multiprocessor server, the cost is $1,100.

Even though operating systems from MICROSOFT CORP. and APPLE COMPUTER INC. dominate, BE, INC. of Menlo Park, California continues to carve out a niche with its advanced operating system. BeOS has attracted attention from computer cognoscenti around the world. The debut of the Japanese-language version of the OS at exclusive seller PLATFORM K.K. in Tokyo was greeted with a long line of interested buyers. Optimized for multimedia applications, the $130 BeOS can run alongside both Microsoft's and Apple's OS on the same machine. .....This dual-personality trait has won BE, INC. its first contract with a major Japanese PC maker. HITACHI, LTD. is offering BeOS 4.0J preinstalled on one of its consumer models, the Flora Prius 330J, along with software for creating multimedia content.

The Windows CE operating system for handheld devices has won strong local endorsement. MICROSOFT CORP. announced that NTT DATA CORP. will use the OS in a line of credit-card authorization terminals it is planning for Japan. By replacing its current line of terminals based on proprietary software with the more open Windows CE, the NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORP. affiliate expects that future upgrades and modifications of the devices will be easier. NTT Data controls about three-quarters of the market for point-of-sale, charge-authorization terminals. Testing of the Windows CE-based units is underway, with the full rollout scheduled to begin in April.

Companies worried about the Year 2000 problem can turn to localized software from Sunnyvale, California-based CYGNUS SOLUTIONS and its recently established Tokyo subsidiary. The $2,000 Cygnus Source-Navigator Enterprise edition for Unix and Windows platforms is an out-of-the-box code comprehension and analysis tool that simplifies the task of migrating, reengineering and reusing code. Also available are GNUPro Toolkit, a software development tool, and eCOS, an embedded operating system that is compatible with the µITRON standard used in Japan. TOYOTA MOTOR CORP. is examining eCOS for use in its vehicle control and other systems.

For businesses looking for complete Y2K services, MATRIDIGM CORP. has the answer. The San Jose, California firm recently took over a joint venture it founded last year with another American firm (see Japan-U.S. Business Report No. 345, June 1998, p. 19). It has begun marketing Y2K conversion services based on its MARC2000 technology.


According to WRQ, INC. officials, Japanese demand for its middleware has been growing despite the recession, prompting the Seattle firm to announce the opening of a Tokyo office in early 1999 and to boost localization of its products. Available now are Reflection for the Mainframe v6.11J, which ties together IBM-style mainframes with thin clients running under Windows NT Terminal or CITRIX SYSTEMS, INC.'s MetaFrame, and Reflection X v7.0, which features "hands-free" administration and support for OpenGL, X11R6.3, VTPlus and ANSI terminal emulation. The Japanese version of Reflection for the Mainframe costs $550. CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO., LTD. is WRQ's distributor.

APPLE COMPUTER INC. is offering localized versions of its latest Internet/intranet server package, AppleShare IP 6.1, and its network client administration tool, Apple Network Assistant 3.5. AppleShare IP 6.1, which lists for $490, boasts many feature and performance improvements, including remote Web administration, TCP/IP filtering, multihoming and shared IMAP folders. The $400 Apple Network Assistant 3.5 provides five levels of administrator access, administration over TCP/IP and support for voice communications over the Internet.

San Diego, California-based STAC, INC. selected NIPPON SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. as the exclusive distributor of the Replica 3 server backup and recovery utility for Windows NT and NetWare systems. The Tokyo firm will localize Replica 3 as well as market and support it.

Positioning itself to meet the inevitable demand for greater network computing muscle, VERITAS SOFTWARE CORP. is preparing to market and support in mid-1999 a localized version of its cluster server software. VERITAS Cluster Server will feature built-in support for storage area networks. In the meantime, the subsidiary of the Mountain View, California firm is integrating parts of the local operation of SEAGATE SOFTWARE, INC. This follows the recent purchase by VERITAS of Seagate Software's network and storage management group in the United States.

Enterprise storage powerhouse EMC CORP. is firing back with a Japan-only product designed for SAN applications. InstaShare is priced from $31,600 to $57,000. It eventually will work in a wide range of mainframe environments, including IBM, Unix and Windows, and with an even broader range of network mass storage devices.

Sensing a new opportunity in corporate Japan's growing interest in SANs, HEWLETT-PACKARD JAPAN LTD. has announced that it will offer its parent's Stress-Free Storage service. At a cost of $26,000 and up a year, HP Japan not only will build a fiber-optic SAN from existing and/or new client computing resources and install all the necessary software, but it also will manage and guarantee SAN performance and customer satisfaction. The company thinks that it can sign up 1,000 clients for the new service.

LOTUS DEVELOPMENT CORP.'s subsidiary and NTT MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK, INC. have developed a remote client server package optimized for the popular Notes groupware. Domino Mobile Server allows field representatives to link their laptops to corporate Notes/Domino networks through their NTT-serviced cellular phones. The two now are working on a version for palm-size devices that run under the Windows CE and the Palm operating systems.

In the same vein, ORACLE CORP.'s local unit is offering a set of extensions to its parent's Oracle Mobile Agent networking middleware. Developed by SOLITON SYSTEMS K.K. and supplied to Oracle on an OEM basis, Extensions for OMA 1.0 enhances the functionality and the capability of field agents using Oracle applications linked to corporate computing resources via OMA. Oracle expects to sell annually 30,000 copies of the $85 package.

Redwood Shores, California-based NETWORK COMPUTER, INC. has landed a deal with FUJITSU, LTD. to provide the computer maker with complete thin-client solutions for enterprise environments. NCI will deploy its NC Navigator software environment and thin-client application development suite to meet the individual needs of Fujitsu customers using its Business Terminal 300 thin client, which will be released in January.

A new version of IBM JAPAN LTD.'s thin-client administration package, WorkSpace On-Demand, is on the market. Version 2.0 can deploy and manage desktop clients now running under OS/2, DOS and Java. Support for Windows 95 and Windows NT clients is scheduled for the first quarter of 1999. The administration software is priced at $1,100 per server.

Targeting administrators faced with rapidly growing numbers of client computers, NETWORK ASSOCIATES, INC. has released a new version of its Zero Administration Client Suite. ZAC Suite 6.21 inventories client hardware and software, distributes new software, configures and locks down desktops, and meters and generates reports on software usage. The package starts at $6,700 for a 100-user license and rises to $41,300 for a 1,000-user agreement.

Choices for protecting networks with firewalls continue to expand. AXENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. is pushing a new version of its Raptor Firewall. Although version 6 is available only in English at the moment, the Rockville, Maryland developer still has high hopes for it. Starting at $2,500, the firewall works with both Windows NT and Unix systems and provides enhanced proxy security for most types of network connections. .....WATCHGUARD TECHNOLOGIES, INC. and distribution partner DATA CONTROL LTD. are offering a competing product, Firebox II. The plug-and-play network security appliance has improved throughput to handle the needs of large enterprises. It also allows remote configuration and policy updating. Firebox II packages start at $8,200 for a basic model and go up to $9,800 for all the options. Data Control hopes to sell 200 units the first year.

Another network security option is to outsource the entire task. ICSA, INC. stands ready to help. The Reston, Virginia company established a wholly owned subsidiary in January 1998 and began offering a full range of network security services last May. Working at first with 12 firms in this field, ICSA's Japan unit evaluates networks, builds network security systems and trains personnel in security operations. NK-EXA CORP. recently agreed to distribute ICSA's services, including its TrueSecure network protection package.


IBM JAPAN LTD. is offering a solution to the mountain of paper documents most companies generate every day. e-DMS (electronic Document Management System) lets users create electronic versions of commonly used forms and other documents, allowing data either to be entered initially in electronic form or to be scanned in from a hard copy. e-DMS does not stop there, however. The IBM Japan product can interface with popular data base and groupware packages and can be turned into a knowledge-management system with additional software modules. An e-DMS package costs from $8,300 to $826,000.

Betting that the Internet soon will be the primary computing environment, ORACLE CORP.'s subsidiary will release in May a localized version of the Oracle8i relational data base management system for the Web. The new incarnation of Oracle's flagship product relies completely on Internet standards, such as the Java language, the Internet File System and multimedia formats. Oracle8i data bases not only can handle any data type, but they also can be accessed via the Internet by almost any kind of Web-enabled client.

Hoping to ride on ORACLE CORP.'s coattail, PLATINUM TECHNOLOGY, INC. has released a new version of its Fast Unload for Oracle data-export utility. Fast Unload 2.0J, which starts at $2,000, provides partial support to version 8 and full support to version 7 of Oracle's RDBMS. It is fully localized. By accessing Oracle files directly without using the SQL engine or Oracle kernel, Fast Unload moves data in and out of the system much more quickly. Also available from the Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois firm is TSreorg 2.3J, a utility for defragmenting Oracle data bases. It goes for $3,600 and up. If a company wants to make money from its information resources, ORACLE CORP. can help with its Data Mart Suite 2.0. The $57,900 Window NT package includes Oracle Data Mart Designer, Oracle Data Mart Builder, Oracle7 Enterprise Edition and Oracle Discoverer. To support the launch, Oracle's local arm started a Partner Program that provides consulting and trouble-shooting assistance.

With the size of data resources shooting up through the terabyte ceiling, highly scalable software tools to mine the information become vital. In response to this demand, SILICON GRAPHICS, INC. has rolled out a Japanese version of its MineSet 2.6 data mining and visualization software that supports both 32-bit and 64-bit computing. The latest version of SGI's flagship data management program not only is an open platform but also supports multiway associations with record weighting. In addition, it provides multibyte characters for easy compatibility with non-English languages and tighter integration of its mining and visualization tools. MineSet 2.6 is available through Tokyo-based ADAMNET CO., LTD., which hopes to sell 1,000 copies of the $33,000 package over the next two years.

RED BRICK SYSTEMS, INC. also is updating its key data base product to keep up with the changing market. The Los Gatos, California company's Red Brick Warehouse 5.1.5 relational data base server now provides Windows NT users with levels of query, performance and scalability that previously were available only to users of the Unix versions of its program. SHARP SYSTEMS PRODUCTS, INC., which offers systems integration services for data warehousing based on Red Brick's software and its parent's hardware, sees a ready market for the new package, citing the proliferation of Windows NT-based corporate networks and the high cost of creating a Unix-based data warehouse.

Global organizations with multiple proprietary on-line analytical processing systems can roll them into one OLAP application with Holos 7 from SEAGATE SOFTWARE, INC. The sophisticated Holos development environment allows users to create flexible, scalable applications that can rapidly analyze large data stores, such as those created by SAP AG's systems. The Japanese version of the Scotts Valley, California firm's Holos 7 starts at $33,100.

The ability of UNIFY CORP.'s VISION application development and server software to integrate legacy client-server software with Internet-based computing was the reason that DAIDOH CO., LTD. used it to develop its mission- critical decision support system. VISION AppBuilder and AppServer are at the heart of the textile maker's Sales and Purchase Information Analysis System, which allows sales offices to analyze transaction data to make better and faster decisions about manufacturing, purchasing and marketing.

Taking aim at companies with 100 to 700 employees, IBM JAPAN LTD. has modified an existing enterprise resource planning package developed by J.D. EDWARDS & CO. By stripping out all nonaccounting modules from the WorldSoftware package, IBM Japan was able to reduce installation time to just six months and halve the program's cost -- which starts at $206,600 -- while still offering full integration support. The company is looking for sales of at least 100 K-Kit Solutions in the first year.

To bolster support for major clients as well as for local systems integrators, ORACLE CORP. opened a marketing and customer support center in Tokyo. In cooperation with 20 computer makers, the center is offering comprehensive assistance for users of Oracle's enterprise resource planning and relational data base management systems. Service participants include FUJITSU, LTD., HEWLETT-PACKARD JAPAN LTD., HITACHI, LTD., IBM JAPAN LTD., OTSUKA SHOKAI CO., LTD. and TOSHIBA CORP.

STERLING COMMERCE, INC. has rolled out a localized version of its GENTRAN:Server for Windows NT. The electronic data interchange package -- which starts at $67,200 -- automates business transactions while integrating them with business processes. Equally important, the Dublin, Ohio firm's GENTRAN:Server is the first EDI program to support the CII and the EIAJ data exchange standards as well as the ANSI X12 and the EDIFACT standards common outside Japan in one package. GENTRAN: Server for Windows NT is distributed by Sterling's subsidiary along with KANEMATSU ELECTRONICS LTD. and KAWASAKI STEEL SYSTEMS R&D CORP.

To improve its chances of winning a bigger share of the Japanese market for supply-chain execution software, EXE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. has opened a subsidiary in Tokyo. The Dallas business is promoting its SCE and warehouse- management programs to retailers, grocers, distributors and third-party logistics companies. One of its subsidiary's first tasks is to develop Japanese-language versions of the software's documentation and end-user training materials.

Product data management software from UNIGRAPHICS SOLUTIONS INC. is the kernel of a new PDM system developed for KANSAI ELECTRIC POWER CO., INC. by UGS partner NIPPON STEEL CORP. Four years ago, NSC chose to implement the Maryland Heights, Missouri firm's IMAN package at its mills. It then became UGS's distributor. The IMAN implementation for KEPCO initially will manage equipment and parts data at four fossil-fuel generating plants, allowing KEPCO's engineering team to hone its maintenance schedules. If this initial phase yields good results, KEPCO will extend the PDM system throughout its power- generating network.


LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES INC. has developed a new set of algorithms for matching incoming customer calls with sales agents. This breakthrough promises both better service and greater sales opportunities than the traditional "first in, first out" approach. CentreVu Advocate and CentreVu Virtual Routing direct incoming calls to specific sales reps by evaluating a customer's potential business value and desire to wait and matching that against agents' skills pool and likely availability. Calls thus are directed to the sales agent who is most able to satisfy the customer's needs, regardless of what order the calls come in. Lucent's subsidiary will handle sales and support. Prices start at $206,600 for a 50-agent call center.

With computer programs becoming both more complicated and integrated into daily business activities, Japanese help-desk managers face a growing tidal wave of demands. To centralize and automate this vital task, NETWORK ASSOCIATES, INC. has released versions of its McAfee Total Service Desk Suite 1.5J for several popular enterprise operating systems, including Windows NT. McAfee TSD Suite provides event management and correlation for automated diagnosis and response to common desktop and network issues. With two additional modules -- Event Orchestrator and Asset Orchestrator -- the localized suite also can support integrated network and desktop security from a central location. A 100-user license costs $9,300.

A competing help-desk package is available from TIVOLI SYSTEMS INC.'s subsidiary. Tivoli Service Desk integrates three modules that were marketed previously as separate packages: Problem Management, Change Management and Asset Management. With the addition of Java-based client support, users have access to all three modules via a Web browser. The package currently is available only in English, however.

ELECTRONIC DATA SYSTEMS CORP. has developed a customer-relationship management system for SURUGA BANK, LTD., a midsized financial institution with offices in Tokyo, Shizuoka and Kanagawa prefectures. Scheduled for full deployment in April, the system will integrate all aspects of customer services and information, including telephone banking, credit cards, account inquiry, product inquiry, call center and loan services Officials hope the integrated system will help the bank prosper in a highly competitive market.

Although labeled as a CRM product, BROADVISION INC.'s family of software modules has a distinct sales flavor to it. The Redwood City, California firm has chosen TOSHIBA ENGINEERING CORP. to distribute BroadVision One-to-One locally. The two have picked the financial sector as their first target because of ongoing Big Bang deregulation. BroadVision One-to-One Financial not only makes most account data available to customers 24 hours a day via an automated response system, but it also matches that data with products that might be of interest. Modules begin at $157,000.

Building on the large installed base of Lotus Notes users in Japan, IBM JAPAN LTD. and DAINIPPON PRINTING CO., LTD. have combined forces to develop a flexible system for automating many business expense systems. By linking Dainippon Printing's DCubeFORM electronic expense voucher system with IBM Japan's FormWave Notes-based expense accounting system, the two have created a simple system to automate business processes like supplies purchasing, travel expenses and petty cash. JAPAN INFORMATION ENGINEERING CO., LTD. will distribute DCubeFORM for FormWave in cooperation with IBM Japan's many local marketing partners.

MITSUBISHI TRUST & BANKING CORP. and the wholly owned securities subsidiary of SANWA BANK, LTD. have launched sophisticated financial derivatives trading systems based on software from a division of Wayne, Pennsylvania-based SUNGARD DATA SYSTEMS INC. Infinity Derivatives and Infinity Limit Manager streamline trading activities while managing risk in these highly volatile instruments. Mitsubishi Trust has deployed the Infinity trading system in New York and London as well as at its head office in Tokyo. SANWA SECURITIES CO., LTD. is the first Japanese brokerage house to go live with Infinity Derivatives.

Taking advantage of the Internet's global reach, software from SCAN-OPTICS, INC. allows information from documents scanned into a PC with a connection to the Web to be entered into a central data base. FormWare can handle remote data entry from checks, other bank forms, fund transfer orders, change of address notices, insurance claims and many other types of transactions. The Manchester, Connecticut firm chose NISSHO ELECTRONICS CORP. as the exclusive reseller of FormWare.

For $50, people can buy an upgrade of the Visio Standard 5.0 business graphics application. VISIO CORP.'s 5.0 Plus handles organization charts, presentation graphics, timelines, calendars, marketing charts, flow charts and Rummler- Brache methodology charts. A full version of the Seattle company's new program goes for $250.

Designed to meet the needs of SOHO users, Toonz for Video and SOFTIMAGE|3D from AVID TECHNOLOGY, INC. are powerful tools for creating multimedia content. The $9,900 Toonz for Video easily creates professional-looking video sequences for television or video tape. SOFTIMAGE|3D v3.8 SP1, which lists for $6,400, adds advanced deformation tools, abstract mesh editing and smoothing tools and powerful surface texturing tools. Both packages have been discounted at least 40 percent from previous versions to make them more obtainable by SOHO customers.

RADIUS INC. has released a Japanese version of its award-winning Radius EditDV 1.5 digital video editing tool. With support for the FireWire (IEEE 1394) interface and based on QuickTime 3.0 standards, the Mountain View, California firm's software offers professional nonlinear video editing capabilities to users of APPLE COMPUTER INC.'s Macintosh G3 family of desktop computers for the modest sum of $1,200. In addition to delivering faster rendering speeds at every resolution, Radius EditDV 1.5 offers batch image capture, edit decision lists and support for embedded time codes.

AUTODESK, INC. announced recently that it had shipped the 100,000th copy of its 3D solid modeling program when it delivered a 159-seat installation to TOKYO ELECTRON LTD., a builder of semiconductor production equipment. The San Rafael, California developer's Mechanical Desktop package achieved this milestone just 32 months after its introduction, far faster than any of the competition. TEL officials said that they selected the Autodesk CAD solution because it was able to perform 2D and 3D modeling using the same engineering data base.

Although CAD packages are widely used by engineering departments, the cost of such complex software remains a barrier to their use in other departments. 3D View 3.0 from San Francisco's ACTIFY, INC. partially solves this problem by providing an inexpensive way to view CAD images on desktop computers running Windows NT. The CAD utility can assemble very large drawings from renderings of individual parts or subsystems, display measurements, allow multimedia markup of drawings, perform real-time cross-sectioning of parts and track multiuser changes to single drawings. The core viewer is priced at $410, with modules for importing drawings from specific CAD packages, such as CATIA, SolidWorks IGES, STL, VDA, VRML and ISO G-code, priced from $50 to $350. DATA DESIGN, INC., Actify's distributor, expects the low cost of these capabilities to help it sell 1,000 copies of 3D View 3.0 in the first year.

The local unit of CADENCE DESIGN SYSTEMS, INC. has released a Japanese- language version of the Affirma equivalence checker. The San Jose, California company's $74,400 product is a high-performance tool for checking the accuracy of deep-submicron IC designs. It integrates formal verification tools with mixed-language and mixed cycle/event logic simulation. A free Windows NT-based model-checking training tool is available along with Affirma. .....Separately, CADENCE DESIGN SYSTEMS, INC. has ported its SPECTRAQuest interconnect designer package to HEWLETT-PACKARD CO.'s 64-bit Merced processor, even though Merced itself is not yet available. Distributed by INNOTECH CORP., the Merced port of the utility for designing high-speed systems and motherboards will be provided gratis to current users of SPECTRAQuest.

SYNTEST TECHNOLOGIES, INC. has tapped SPINNAKER SYSTEMS, INC. of Tokyo as the local source for its design-for-test tools. Sunnyvale, California-based SynTest's DFT suite examines IC designs for ways to reduce defects and speed testing of actual chips. Modules available from Spinnaker include TurboFCE, a register transfer-level fault coverage enhancer; TurboBSD, a boundary-scan test suite; and TurboCheck, a partial scan/full synthesis automatic test pattern generation program. Spinnaker, which priced the modules from $24,800 to $165,300, has forecast first-year sales anywhere between $2.5 million and $4.1 million. It is working with SynTest's Tokyo subsidiary to support Japanese customers.

An exchange rate of ¥121=$1.00 was used in this report.

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