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No. 353, February 1999

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American Companies in Japan


A joint venture backed by BROADCAST.COM INC. (40 percent), SOFTBANK CORP. (50 percent) and YAHOO! JAPAN CORP. (10 percent) is launching a major Internet streaming service. BROADCAST.COM JAPAN INC., which is expected to begin operations this fall, not only will aggregate and transmit local Japanese audio and video content but also will have access to the Dallas firm's many thousands of hours of English-language programming, including sports events, music CDs and videos. Internet users in Japan also can subscribe to Broadcast.com's business information services, which can be delivered over corporate intranets.

SUPERSCAPE INC. of Santa Clara, California has finished constructing a second-generation, interactive, 3D virtual shopping mall for NTT DATA CORP. The new Machiko electronic mall initially hosts 30 client stores organized into eight virtual worlds: Plaza, Park, Elegant, Casual, Lobby Night Club, Beach and Mountain. It has the capacity to handle up to 200 visitors simultaneously, either for shopping or for on-line chat groups. As part of the deal, NTT Data has purchased an unlimited license to customize and distribute Superscape's Viscape 3D Web browser for subscribers to the Machiko service.

Austin, Texas-based GLOBESET, INC. has licensed its electronic commerce transaction software to OKI ELECTRIC INDUSTRY CO., LTD. for use in an on-line shopping experiment. The pilot project, launched in January, is testing the security and the convenience of GlobeSet's ServerWallet and ServerPOS server-based SET (secure electronic transaction) and e-debit payment options as well as examining the interoperability of server-based and conventional SET systems. Also participating in the pilot project is DAI NIPPON PRINTING CO., LTD., which is attempting to integrate its existing e- commerce system with GlobeSet's software. Likewise, FUJI BANK, LTD. and CREDIT SAISON CO., LTD. are working to interface their payment systems. GlobeSet tied up with Oki Electric last fall (see Japan-U.S. Business Report No. 349, October 1998, p.22). The pilot project is being conducted in conjunction with the Japan Information Processing Development Center, a Ministry of International Trade and Industry organization.

Also dipping their toes into the potentially huge market for e- commerce software are UNISYS CORP.'s subsidiary and HITACHI, LTD. The Unisys unit initially will bundle with its hardware e-commerce software from Hitachi that is compliant with the CORBA (common object request broker architecture) standard. Sales of these systems could start as soon as April. In time, the partners plan to codevelop new software, especially for electronic financial transactions.

An industrial-strength Internet e-mail server from SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC. has the lowest total cost of ownership, boasts the company. Besides being fully localized, Sun Internet Mail Server 3.5 is offered in a departmental version for $2,400 or as an enterprise package at a cost of $5,600.

A client e-mail package from Menlo Park, California-based BEATWARE, INC. will be bundled with HITACHI, LTD.'s FLORA Prius line of desktop PCs. This line has Japanese-language versions of the Windows 98 operating system and BE, INC.'s BeOS preinstalled. BeatWare's Mail-It package is the number-one e-mail client software for BeOS.

RSA DATA SECURITY, INC. has released two new versions of its encryption engine designed specifically for Internet and e-commerce applications. BSAFE SSL-C is the San Mateo, California firm's first protocol- level toolkit for the worldwide Internet market, harnessing its strong encryption know-how to the Secure Sockets Layer Internet standard. Similarly, BSAFE S/MIME-C allows software writers to make RSA's encryption technology native to the Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions standard. Both technologies are available only on an OEM basis, with license fees starting at $22,100.

Shipments have started of a new version of INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP.'s popular WebSphere Web-site development tools. WebSphere Studio for Windows 95/98 handles the development and the creation of a Web site from start to finish, with tools for programmers, artists and content authors. IBM JAPAN LTD. has priced a one-server license at $700, with additional licenses adding $650 each to the bill.

The local operation of SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC. has begun tailoring the new version of the Java language to easily handle Japanese in cooperation with 15 local partners, including FUJITSU, LTD., JUSTSYSTEM CORP. and IBM JAPAN LTD. Sun hopes to begin shipping a fully localized Java 2 by midyear. More than 150 local software developers already have said that they will support the new version, which should make development of Japanese applications much simpler.

In the meantime, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC.'s subsidiary has released a Java application environment aimed at consumer devices for home, office and mobile use. PersonalJava includes a Java Virtual Machine, core application programming interfaces and libraries, and APIs unique to consumer applications, all written with the resource limitations of consumer devices in mind. Clearly courting Japan's industry-leading consumer electronics makers, Sun introduced released PersonalJava in Japan before its global launch.

In a related move, SUN MICROSYSTEMS, INC. has launched its Jini connection technology in Japan. This technology promises to allow users to connect any consumer or business device to any network from any location. Japan's prominence in consumer and business electronics products again puts it at the heart of Sun's strategy for Jini. The company already has signed up at least seven firms to build products incorporating Jini. They are: CANON INC., FUNAI ELECTRIC CO., LTD., OKI ELECTRIC INDUSTRY CO., LTD., SEIKO EPSON CORP., SHARP CORP., SONY CORP. and TOSHIBA CORP.

A less ambitious alternative to the PersonalJava and Jini standards has been chosen by TOSHIBA ENGINEERING CORP. to link, control and manage small consumer and business devices. It will promote the use of Naperville, Illinois-based SPYGLASS INC.'s Device Mosaic thin-client Web browser and MicroServer small-footprint Web server in a wide range of appliances, such as televisions, TV set-top converters, videophones and handheld devices. The two programs require only a small amount of memory, even though they offer a full-featured graphical-user interface and other refinements found in much larger programs. That combination appealed to Toshiba Engineering.

In a bid to prevent defections prior to the availability of the much-delayed Windows 2000 family of operating systems, MICROSOFT CORP.'s Japanese arm is offering customers an incentive to stick with the Windows NT Server network operating system. Firms that purchase Windows NT Server 4.0 before June 30 will get a free upgrade to Windows 2000 Server when it ships.

At the other end of the operating system spectrum, MICROSOFT CORP. has won a commitment from TOSHIBA INFORMATION SYSTEMS CORP. to use Windows CE in a full line of consumer electronics devices, including digital electronic products, car navigation systems, mobile phones, point-of-sale units and information appliances. In addition, the TOSHIBA CORP. software development unit, which until now has generally customized operating systems for specific products, will market Windows CE for Microsoft — a first for a local firm.

IBM JAPAN LTD. is offering to help corporate customers avoid problems associated with the coming of the Year 2000. Engineers will inspect a client's PCs for potential Y2K problems, plan preventive steps and support installation of new hardware and software as needed. Although the final cost will vary according to each customer's computing assets and architecture, IBM Japan calculates that the service should cost an average of $175 per computer.

Arcadia, California-based CCD ONLINE SYSTEMS, INC. has brought its Y2K computer code renovation software to Japan with the help of distributors COMPUTER SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. and CINCOM SYSTEMS (JAPAN) LTD. CCD's Beyond 1999 code renovation package and Beyond 1999/Validate Y2K-fix verification tool have strong track records in the United States. CCD will set up a subsidiary to handle the actual recoding and validation processes, with fees expected to be in the range of 9 cents to 18 cents per line of code inspected. Customers in Japan are enjoying a growing pool of choices in the applications development area. Farmington Hills, Michigan-based COMPUWARE CORP., for example, emphasizes the benefits of the modular approach to developing strategic business applications offered by its UNIFACE package. By applying a component architecture to the development, deployment and delivery of applications, designing and implementing new programs and updates are greatly simplified. Compuware's subsidiary also offers the Rational Rose object-oriented front-end modeling tool for UNIFACE. Developed by RATIONAL SOFTWARE CORP. of Santa Clara, California, Rational Rose (and the Rose UNIFACE Link utility) lets programmers use visual modeling techniques to analyze business needs, design objects, construct components and assemble applications.

In head-to-head competition, PROGRESS SOFTWARE CORP.'s local arm signed a distribution agreement with KOMATSU SOFT LTD. covering the Bedford, Massachusetts firm's self-named family of component-based, visual development environments. Progress creates multitiered, enterprise- class applications, while Progress WebSpeed makes existing and new business software Internet-friendly. Komatsu Soft expects Progress' Universal Application Architecture to appeal to customers because it allows programs to run on any type of user interface and on any server with any type of data base. Progress' subsidiary was established at the beginning of 1995 by the U.S. company, NISSHO IWAI CORP. and INES CORP.

Hoping to capitalize on the popularity of the Linux open-source operating system among researchers and engineers, NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS CORP.'s subsidiary has released a Linux version of its LabVIEW measurement and automation application development environment. LabVIEW 5.01 for Linux/x86 has all the features that make the development environment popular in the academic world: an intuitive GUI, compiled source code, true multitasking, serial input/output, support for TCP/IP and virtual memory. In addition, the Austin, Texas firm has assembled numerous general Linux data-acquisition and process-control drivers and libraries for many of its general-purpose interface bus and data-acquisition modules. While the Linux OS is available free or at minimal cost, LabVIEW for Linux retails at $2,800 a copy.


An even more specialized software development tool is being offered by INSTALL SHIELD SOFTWARE CORP. The Schaumburg, Illinois firm's self-named product eases the task of distributing and installing software in corporations with large numbers of computers. InstallShield 5.5 Professional makes it easy for network administrators to create powerful and reliable automatic installation scripts for Windows environments. Available from distributor NETSERVE INC., sales of the $160 development tool are expected to hit 5,000 units a year.

To keep ahead of a growing field of competitors, SILVERSTREAM SOFTWARE, INC. has thoroughly overhauled its SilverStream Application Server. Version 2.0 not only adds a host of network/server/client management tools, but also tightens the integration between its server and client development environments. An integrated, visual development environment hides the coding of Java and complex Web technologies while providing a full range of sophisticated Web elements based on Internet standards. The server environment uses object-oriented programming concepts to bring client-side HTML and Java, solid security, full-option management and unlimited data connectivity to scalable, enterprise-class networks. SilverStream 2.0 is available through NICHIMEN DATA SYSTEMS CORP. at prices ranging from $4,000 for a basic developer package to $15,900 for an unlimited Web server license.

BEA SYSTEMS, INC. and OKI ELECTRIC INDUSTRY CO., LTD. have agreed to deepen their cooperation in the middleware market. Now the San Jose, California firm's master distributor, Oki Electric will recruit new distributors and partners for BEA's Tuxedo middleware. With the demand for on-line transaction processing skyrocketing, Oki Electric has successfully marketed Tuxedo as part of its systems integration solutions to firms linking legacy and new computing resources. It plans to increase its systems integration staff to 100 to support the closer ties with BEA. Oki Electric was the first Japanese Tuxedo licensee. Last year, it formed the OLTP Competence Center with HEWLETT-PACKARD JAPAN LTD. to promote Tuxedo-based OLTP solutions.

WRQ, INC. continues to localize its full line of middleware products for the Japanese market. The Seattle developer put out its Reflection X software for Windows NT/Unix shops last year (see Japan-U.S. Business Report No. 349, October 1998, p. 22). It now is offering another product targeted at the same group. Reflection for Unix and Digital allows PCs running under any Windows operating system to emulate a VT102, VT220, VT320 or VT420 terminal, giving them full access to Unix and Digital host computers. The middleware is available individually shrink-wrapped for $450 or in multiple units via a negotiable license.

To counter stiffer competitive challenges, Atlanta's INTERNET SECURITY SYSTEMS, INC. has morphed its monolithic RealSecure product into a family of modules, allowing customers to buy only what they need. With prices starting at $15,000, the RealSecure 3.0 family includes the RealSecure Network Engine firewall, the RealSecure System Alert monitor, the RealSecure Management Console and the RealSecure Manager for HP OpenView. The new system monitor watches network operating system log files for suspicious activity, while the management tool offers policy-based controls and agents.

A new version of ABIRNET, LTD.'s Internet/intranet security monitoring package is on the market through the Dallas company's distributor, FORVAL CREATIVE, INC. For $3,000 for a 25-user license, SessionWall-3 Release 3 watches all aspects of network activity, including logs, alerts, displays and document content. It can unobtrusively block information that violates administrator-determined rules.

In a major win, NETWORK ASSOCIATES, INC. has convinced NEC CORP. to deploy its CyberCop Scanner network-vulnerability detector throughout the electronics manufacturer's distributed computing environment. Already used by about 50 companies in Japan, CyberCop Scanner continually tests and probes NEC's 80,000 communications nodes, looking for more than 500 different weaknesses. The package automatically flags any problems for network administrators and produces 3D graphs to help identify patterns and "big-picture" problems. CyberCop Scanner's per- person cost runs about $40 for networks of 1,000 users.

A competing network security analyzer is available from the subsidiary of INTERNET SECURITY SYSTEMS, INC. Internet Scanner 5.6 adds more than 85 new methods for detecting network vulnerabilities and the horsepower to watch over globe-spanning corporate networks. ISS's SmartScan technology uses artificial intelligence to learn about a network and to devise new tests and responses to potential intruders.

Taking a more hands-on approach to detecting network vulnerabilities, CROSSBAR SECURITY, INC. of New York City and Tokyo's INTERNATIONAL NETWORK SECURITY CO., LTD. have teamed up to offer a network security testing service to Japanese clients. The two will simulate attacks on a corporation's network just like real hackers, then propose remedies. Crossbar Security and INS also will offer employee training and seminars on network security. The basic service costs about $90 and up per PC.

To hasten the adoption of the next generation of network security protocols, SECOM CO., LTD. is staging training courses across Japan for both providers and customers based on material developed by partner ENTRUST TECHNOLOGIES INC. about the requirements, operations and benefits of public-key infrastructures. PKIs provide a high level of security to com-panies. They stop unauthorized access to networks and to customers by preventing theft or eavesdropping on electronic transactions. For now, a PKI Consultant Certificate is available, but plans are underway to add Administration and Technical courses this year. At the end of 1998, Richardson, Texas-based Entrust Technologies formed a subsidiary with a group of 16 companies spearheaded by Secom (see Japan-U.S. Business Report No. 352, January 1999, p. 21).

A new version of COMPUWARE CORP.'s network application analysis tool is available from the Farmington Hills, Michigan firm's subsidiary. EcoSCOPE 3.7 can evaluate the performance of large, fully switched networks, then produce reports on application service levels. The $29,800 network utility also interfaces closely with TIVOLI SYSTEMS INC.'s network management software.

Also releasing an update of a staple product is SEAGATE SOFTWARE, INC.'s subsidiary. Backup Exec for Windows NT v7.2J works with Windows NT 4.0 to provide transparent protection of all network data. Pricing begins at $1,200 for a single server license and tops out at $2,500 for an unlimited license. An add-on for systems employing RAID mass storage and tape drives also is available.

A new version of NOVELL, INC.'s data replication server is available from its local operation. Novell Replication Services 1.21 constantly updates and synchronizes all corporate data resources, ensuring that only the most recent and correct data are available throughout the corporate computing environment. The package works with hardwired LANs as well as with WANs using wireless and intermittent links. In the United States, NRS 1.21 costs about $1,000 per server. For its part, ORACLE CORP.'s local arm has put on the market a new version of its popular on-line analytical processing software, Oracle OLAP Server r6.2. The multidimensional data base incorporates new, "smarter" search and analysis technology to improve users' ability to mine corporate data sources. Oracle OLAP Server r6.2 for Windows NT systems retails for $10,600, while the one for Unix machines costs $11,200.

As it has in the United States, MICROSOFT CORP. has challenged relational data base heavyweights in the Japanese market by releasing a localized version of SQL Server 7.0. Microsoft claims that its latest data base server has enough horsepower, scalability and reliability to take on perennial leaders ORACLE CORP. and INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP. A basic SQL Server 7.0 setup costs $2,300, while the enterprise edition is tagged at $13,000, both significantly lower than the competition's pricing.

SYBASE, INC. has freshened its relational data base server and client software for mobile applications. Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0 and SQL Anywhere Studio, which bundles the server with client tools for $780, are feature-rich yet memory stingy. The server software is designed to automatically handle intermittent connections by mobile users, while the client tools give field agents sophisticated access to central data repositories.

Attracted by the accelerating momentum behind the Linux operating system, ORACLE CORP. has announced that it will port its data base management software to the newest operating system on the block. Oracle8 Workgroup Server, Linux v8.05, will start at $1,900. The company's subsidiary expect sales of 10,000 licenses in the first year. Oracle sees Linux taking 10 percent to 20 percent of the departmental server market in Japan, and it has begun porting some of its other products, including an enterprise resource planning package, to the open-source variant of Unix.

A partnership between NCR CORP.'s unit and DELOITTE TOHMATSU CONSULTING CO. is devising an ERP package for local customers. Set for release by the end of March, the system will collect and digest a company's daily financial, production and inventory data, allowing executives to extract consolidated management information in near real time. The partners also claim that their package will be the first product in Japan to handle overseas subsidiaries that may operate under different accounting rules. At the heart of the system is NCR's RAPID management information system, which takes advantage of the company's Teradata large-capacity data warehouse.

Responding to customer complaints about the cost and the time that it takes to install an ERP system, UNISYS CORP.'s local operation has developed a system that not only can be deployed in as little as half the normal time (five months versus 10 months) but that also integrates both ERP and supply chain management functions. The system combines ORACLE CORP.'s Oracle Applications R11, Tokyo-based DIVA CORP.'s DivaSystem consolidated accounting package, Beaverton, Oregon-based ABC TECHNOLOGIES INC.'s Oros99 activity-based costing and management package and the Mercator enterprise application integration software from TSI INTERNATIONAL SOFTWARE LTD. of Wilton, Connecticut. Unisys hopes that the combined ERP/SCM bundle will drive up its revenues in this area to $88.5 million in FY 1999.

Meanwhile, UNISYS CORP.'s subsidiary is offering a tool that will speed up installation of the financial module of ORACLE CORP.'s Oracle Applications R11 ERP system. FaSet Financials — short for fast setup — allows installation of the complicated Oracle system in one-half to one-third the usual time. Unisys charges $53,100 for a FaSet Financials license for up to 10 clients. It also has developed FaSetHR to accelerate deployment of the human resources management part of the Oracle system. Unisys hopes to sell 20 FaSet products.

In a coup for Morrisville, North Carolina-based ENGINEOUS SOFTWARE, INC., its subsidiary has received a contract from the Science and Technology Agency's National Aerospace Laboratory to install the iSIGHT manufacturing execution software at NAL's supercomputer facility. The package blends optimization, automation and integration technologies (see Japan-U.S. Business Report No. 342, March 1998, p. 21) that NAL hopes will boost the efficiency of its supercomputer simulation projects.

PARAMETRIC TECHNOLOGY CORP. is offering through its subsidiary a new version of its product and process life-cycle management system, Windchill r2.0. The highlight of the update are workflow capabilities that are entirely Web-based and tightly integrated with core Windchill services and applications. The package lets discrete and process manufacturers manage all phases of a product's life cycle from concept to production, service, maintenance and retirement. The base price for Windchill r2.0 is $1,900 per user.


MATRIXONE, INC. has teamed up with Yokohama's ZUKEN INC. to penetrate the market for product data management software. By closely integrating the Chelmsford, Massachusetts firm's Matrix v6 PDM software with Zuken's DS-1 product information data base, the two hope the bundle's full features and rapid deployment will win customers. Zuken has set up an Enterprise Product Management team of 30 people to support the effort as well as future joint PDM-tool develop-ment work with MatrixOne. The partners are aiming to generate $4.4 million in PDM-related sales the first year.

Interestingly, ZUKEN INC. also recently signed a pact with INFORMATIVE GRAPHICS CORP. to localize and sell in Japan the Phoenix, Arizona firm's Myriad PDM package. Myriad views, redlines and plots more than 1,000 CAD, raster, word-processing, data base and spreadsheet formats. It also performs point-to-point measuring, batch printing and clip- board exports. Zuken also has a similar deal with WORKGROUP TECHNOLOGY CORP. of Lexington, Massachusetts to localize and distribute its CSM family of PDM software.

The subsidiary of REMEDY CORP. is making a major assault on the market for front-office applications, armed with version 4.0 of its Mountain View, California-based parent's Action Request information system. In cooperation with 300 current users and other companies, Remedy has begun tailoring the product for such applications as customer tracking and query response. It also is localizing Action Request to handle Japanese. Remedy's local operation now has 40 people on staff, up from 10 initially. It also is boosting the number of sales channels and systems integrators used.

Aiming for some of the same customer pie, PRISM SOLUTIONS, INC. has given distribution rights for its customer relations management software to the Japanese unit of UNISYS CORP. The Sunnyvale, California firm's CRMS 21 handles the preparation and the loading of customer data into the corporate data warehouse, performs marketing and profitability analysis at the back-end and supports on-line customer interactions at the front-end. Prism Solutions also has developed a package for financial institutions — a product that Unisys hopes will help it sell as many as 30 of the front-office systems. Pricing of that package starts at $26,500.

A specially modified version of LOTUS DEVELOPMENT CORP.'s Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet has won the approval of the Ministry of Finance's National Tax Administration Agency as an acceptable format for submitting corporate accounts. The Lotus 1-2-3 Account bundles include all relevant tax code information and forms to generate electronic financial reports for submission to the government. The NTAA approval is seen as another step toward full electronic tax filing in Japan.

In step with the proliferation of digital cameras and camcorders, MICROSOFT CORP.'s subsidiary has released a digital image editing package aimed at the home market. Microsoft Graphics Studio Picture It! 99 is priced at only $69 but allows users to capture digital images from almost any source, then crop, cut, rotate, flip, combine and retouch them. Users can affix digital stamps, impose special affects or add text to the images, then upload them to a Web page. They also can use any of the program's 400 templates to create cards, calendars and posters.

For people with more serious multimedia needs, ADOBE SYSTEMS, INC. has bundled together six of its top-rated graphics and image-editing programs and priced them at a discount. Included in the Adobe Publishing Collection are Photoshop 5.0, Illustrator 8.0, Pagemaker 6.5J, Dimensions 3.0J, Acrobat 3.0J and Streamline 4.0J. Purchased separately, these industrial-strength software tools would cost more than $4,600, but as a bundle, they will only set the buyer back $1,800.

In a bit of a twist on the usual cops-and-robbers game theme, Police Quest SWAT-2 from SIERRA ON-LINE, INC. allows players to take the role of either the good guys or the bad guys. The Bellevue, Washington firm's shoot'em-up game has more than 30 scenarios and the ability to link up to four players for head-to-head network mayhem. The under $90 game for Windows 95/98 machines is available through CYBERFRONT CORP. of Tokyo, which sees sales reaching 20,000 a year.

With multigigabyte hard drives now the standard even on low-end PCs, SYMANTEC CORP.'s subsidiary will release in March a localized version of its Norton Ghost 5.1 disk-cloning utility. The software quickly — up to 700 MB in 15 minutes — creates mirror images of a hard disk on another hard drive or other mass storage media. It can be used for backing up data or for setting up new client computers over a network. A single PC version is priced at $160, while multiple user licenses top out at a 24-seat package for $1,800. Symantec expects the new utility to generate revenues of $4 million the first year. .....Separately, the local operation of SYMANTEC CORP. has released a new version of its popular Norton CrashGuard disk utility. The $40 or so 4.0 version analyzes hard disk performance and health, looking for possible problems. It also creates special files to help users recover from a system freeze or a crash.

Bolstering its attack on the low-end CAD market, AUTODESK, INC.'s subsidiary has released Genius LT 98, a mechanical design front-end that works with the San Rafael, California firm's AutoCAD LT software. Genius LT 98 simplifies many tasks, including generating parts lists from drawings and incorporating any of more than 100,000 standard components. Drawing aids, such as context-sensitive menus and tools, also speed the creation of two-dimensional drawings. The retail price of Genius LT 98 is a relatively modest $575; the academic price of $265 makes it a particularly attractive option for this market.

SOLIDWORKS CORP. and longtime partner KUBOTA SOLID TECHNOLOGY CORP. have restructured their relationship to improve service and efficiency. The two formed a joint venture in which the Concord, Massachusetts 3D CAD software developer has a 60 percent interest to service and support the growing number of SolidWorks customers in Japan. KUSCO transferred 10 people to the new company and will refocus its own business on developing CAD solutions for customers. SolidWorks, meanwhile, will concentrate on helping customers get the most out of the software. KUSCO, a wholly owned subsidiary of KUBOTA CORP., is an investor in SolidWorks. It gained exclusive Japanese distribution rights to the company's CAD software at the end of 1995.

In a similar vein, CADAM SYSTEMS CO., LTD., which INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP. and KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD. formed in 1984, has set up a team to provide direct support to users of its CAD programs. The initial staff of 20 will begin calling and visiting customers to discover and address their issues. CADAM did $112.4 million worth of business in FY 1997.

Addressing the complex needs of IC designers, MOSCAPE, INC. has forged a multiyear strategic partnership with SEIKO INSTRUMENTS, INC. The two will market, sell and support the San Jose, California firm's MosCirc assertion-based static analysis tool. This product identifies noise, circuit integrity and performance problems early in the design of deep-submicron ICs. Making fixes at this point in the process is comparatively cheaper. MosCirc pricing starts at $115,000. The partners have a sales goal of 10 units in the first year.

EDA tool developer ULTIMA INTERCONNECT TECHNOLOGY, INC. announced that its Millennium cell and interconnect delay calculator software was chosen by SANYO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. for use in its deep-submicron chip design process. Millennium verifies full-chip timing designs during pre- and post-layout phases of the process, saving time and subsequent problems. Officials of Sunnyvale, California Ultima credit the experienced sales and technical team assembled by its Yokohama distributor, DESIGN SOLUTIONS, INC., for the important contract win.

To give their respective EDA packages a joint boost, CADENCE DESIGN SYSTEMS, INC. and ZU-KEN INC. have signed a multiyear marketing pact. Under it, the Yokohama company, a big developer of CAD software for printed circuit boards, will integrate and sell Cadence's SPECCTRAQuest interconnect designer software and other products in the SPECCTRA PCB design tool family with its own high-end CR-5000 PCB design tools. The two have agreed to focus their initial efforts on customers that design mixed- signal consumer-oriented products. Zuken will purchase SPECCTRAQuest and other Cadence products from INNOTECH CORP., the exclusive distributor of the EDA software industry leader's line.

Leveraging the groupware focus of its popular Notes/Domino family of software, LOTUS DEVELOPMENT CORP.'s subsidiary has rolled out the latest version of Lotus Learning Space for the Japanese education market. Version 2.5 enhances the ability of teachers to plan course work and to create groupware-type learning labs and work assignments. At just $11.15 per seat, the update compares very favorably in price with the previous 2.0 edition, which cost $6,300 per server.

Santa Clara, California-based SOFTLINK, INC. has licensed its audio compression know-how to NIC LTD., a developer of software and content for educational, architectural, construction and manufacturing markets. NIC's first deployments of Softlink's technology will be its Graphic Manager multimedia data base and a voice-enabled multimedia e-mail suite. The Japanese company hopes that this enhanced product will become a corporate communications standard among its customers, which include HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD., contractors SHIMIZU CORP. and KAJIMA CORP., and Tokyo University.

Dallas-headquartered SELSIUS SYSTEMS, INC. — which CISCO SYSTEMS, INC. acquired last October — is offering its Internet telephony technology through NTT INTERNATIONAL CORP. Selsius-Phone, Selsius- CallManager and Selsius-Access allow voice calls to be made over the Internet by creating a virtual PBX (private branch exchange) and interfacing it with the publicly switched telephone network. With prices starting at just $3,500, NTT International expects to sell up to $8.8 million worth of the localized Selsius software the first year.

In the wake of SYMANTEC CORP.'s buyout of QUARTERDECK CORP. last November, Symantec's subsidiary has announced that it will absorb its local Quarterdeck counterpart. Like its parent, the merged unit will pursue sales of utility and communications software for networked PCs. MARUBENI CORP. will continue to serve as the exclusive distributor of Quarterdeck's legacy products, including the CleanSweep uninstaller program.

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