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No. 359, August 1999

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Japanese Companies in the US


The innovative Viscotecs system for digitally printing fabrics has arrived in the United States. Developer SEIREN CO., LTD. has launched pilot production at the Kenilworth, New Jersey plant of its VISCOTEC USA LLC subsidiary. Viscotecs is designed for quick turnaround of customized batches of fabric. The system gives designers a virtually unlimited choice of colors, which can be printed on various types of fabrics, and the flexibility to change the design in midrun. The 3D imaging and mapping capabilities of the companion CAD (computer-aided design) system also offer designers a realistic preview of the print. Moreover, designs can be sent over the Internet or on disks. When commercial operations begin next year, Viscotec USA expects to print close to 36,000 square yards of fabric each month. Seiren's New York City office is marketing the printing process to makers of swimsuits, clothing and home furnishings. In time, it hopes to expand the market for Viscotecs to suppliers of automotive interiors.

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