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No. 360, September 1999

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Japanese Companies in the US


The communications revolution has fueled business at big test equipment maker ANRITSU CO. (formerly Anritsu Wiltron Co.). To ensure that growth continues, the Morgan Hill, California firm, an ANRITSU CORP. subsidiary since 1990, opened a facility at headquarters for its primary Microwave Measurement Division. The building houses approximately 400 employees involved in manufacturing, R&D, sales and marketing, service and administration. It has a state-of-the-art clean room for microwave component production. Anritsu also has a new, dedicated training center on its campus. As part of the expansion, begun in early 1998, the headquarters for both the Telecom Division and the Applied Technology Division were remodeled. The 800-employ-ee Anritsu expects sales to expand 13.8 percent in FY 1999 to $162 million, with the Microwave Measurement Division contributing $100 million and the Telecom Division $38 million. The FY 2001 companywide revenue target exceeds $265.5 million.

ARAI CORP., the developer of a laser-processing technology that enables the high- speed placement of two-dimensional bar codes on various materials, has opened a subsidiary in Washington state. The Fukushima prefecture measurement equipment maker hopes to interest semiconductor manufacturers in its know-how, which is applicable to silicon wafers, as a production management tool. The technology also can be used to bar code certain types of plastics.

Over the next three years, HORIBA, LTD. wants to boost its share of the U.S. hematology equipment and reagent market to 20 percent from 5 percent or so now. This objective was announced after the company's ABX DIAGNOSTICS, INC. unit (see Japan-U.S. Business Report No. 357, June 1999, p. 9) bought from Canada's BIOCHEM PHARMA INC. the hematology operations of its Pennsylvania-based BIOCHEM IMMUNO-SYSTEMS INC.'s diagnostics subsidiary. The purchase included manufacturing and sales rights to BioChem ImmunoSystems' blood cell counters, reagents, controls and accessories. That company ranked fourth in the American desktop blood cell counter business. About 35 people, mainly field service engineers and production and sales personnel, are transferring to Irvine, California ABX Diagnostics, which will make reagents and spare parts for the BioChem ImmunoSystems hematology analyzers.

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