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No. 360, September 1999

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American Companies in Japan


Menswear designer SANDY DALAL LTD. gave SUMITOMO CORP. rights to import and market its line for three years. The New York City fashion house designs jackets, pants and shirts mainly for men in the 20 to 49 age bracket. In the contract's final year, the trader plans to begin licensed production in Japan. By then, Sumitomo expects Sandy Dalal products to be ringing up sales of $8.8 million, double the first year's total.

Japan will be the fourth foreign market in which HOSIERY CORP. INTERNATIONAL sets up shop. The mail-order marketer of panty hose and other types of stockings has a January 2000 start date. Its recently established branch office plans to outsource almost all distribution-related functions to hold down expenses. HCI also will use a local manufacturer of hosiery as a supplier since sizes in Japan differ from those in the United States, where the company has its own factory, and in England, Germany and France, HCI's other international operations. However, the company will utilize the same sales formula of sending program participants four pairs of stockings every six weeks. They will have a choice of 10 colors in five sizes at prices ranging from $3.55 a pair to $4.40, which is less than department stores and other retailers in Japan charge for quality products.

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