No. 5 — February 4, 2000


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Table 2: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries' Proposed
Labeling Rules for Foods that Contain Genetically Modified Organisms

(effective April 1, 2001)

Items affected by the labeling rules:

  1. Tofu (fresh bean curd) and aburage (fried bean curd)
  2. Frozen tofu, okara (bean curd lees) and yuba (dried bean curd sheets)
  3. Natto (fermented soybeans)
  4. Soybean milk
  5. Miso (Fermented soybean paste)
  6. Boiled soybeans
  7. Canned and bottled soybeans
  8. Soybean flour
  9. Roasted soybeans
  10. Foods with No. 1 through No. 9 as a major ingredient
  11. Foods with soybeans for cooking as a major ingredient
  12. Foods with soybean flour as a major ingredient
  13. Foods with soy protein as a major ingredient
  14. Foods with edamame (green soybeans in the shell) as a major ingredient
  15. Foods with soybean sprouts as a major ingredient
  16. .Corn for snacks and crackers
  17. Corn starch
  18. Popcorn
  19. Frozen corn
  20. Canned and bottled corn
  21. Foods with corn flour as a major ingredient
  22. Foods with corn grits as a major ingredient (except corn flakes)
  23. Foods with corn for cooking as a major ingredient
  24. Foods with No. 16 through No. 20 as a major ingredient

Items exempted from the labeling rules:

  1. Soybean oil
  2. Soy sauce
  3. Corn oil
  4. Corn flakes
  5. Glucose syrup
  6. High-fructose corn syrup
  7. Alcoholic beverages made from corn starch
  8. Dextrin
  9. Rapeseed oil
  10. Cotton seed oil
  11. Mashed potatoes
  12. Potato starch
  13. Potato flakes
  14. Frozen, canned or retort-packed potato products

(unofficial translation)

Source: Ministry of Health and Welfare

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