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No. 362, November 1999

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American Companies in Japan


Hoping to develop a market for its products among children, COCA-COLA (JAPAN) CO., LTD. has begun sales of a soft drink that contains 20 percent fruit juice. Qoo, which includes vitamin C and calcium, comes in orange and apple flavors. A 9-ounce can costs $1.15.

CANANDAIGUA WINE CO. is shipping Mystic Cliffs Cabernet Sauvignon and Mystic Cliffs Chardonnay to Japan in addition to the Inglenook red, white and rose wines it has marketed there since February. The Mystic Cliffs wines, priced at $11.30 per bottle, are produced by RIVERLAND VINEYARDS in California's Monterey County. A TAKARA SHUZO CO., LTD. affiliate serves as Canandaigua Wine's distributor.

The first Ruby Tuesday restaurant could open in Japan as soon as sometime in 2000, although RUBY TUESDAY, INC. still has not decided how it will enter the market. A leader in the $10.00 bar and grill segment of the casual dining industry in the eastern part of the United States, the company plans to position its Japanese outlets to attract customers who want a casual dining experience but something more than what a family restaurant offers. Ruby Tuesday is just the latest American restaurant chain to conclude that the time is right to move into Japan, the difficult economic times there notwithstanding.

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