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No. 362, November 1999

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American Companies in Japan


The Kobe subsidiary of PYROTEK, INC. has taken over FOSECO JAPAN LTD. The move follows the Spokane, Washington manufacturer's acquisition of the Foseco aluminum products division of BURMAH CASTROL PLC. The marketing staff of the former Foseco Japan has relocated to Pyrotek's office, where they will continue to sell a full range of aluminum products. The American company is in a related field. It makes high-temperature materials for industrial applications. Many of its products, which incorporate fabrics, ceramics and graphite, are used in the handling and the processing of molten aluminum at foundries as well as at aluminum reduction, sheet, plate, extrusion and wire plants. Pyrotek's enlarged subsidiary is projecting annual sales of $7.6 million over the near term.

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