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No. 36x, ?? 1999

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American Companies in Japan


By 2005, DOW CHEMICAL CO. hopes to supply between 8 percent and 10 percent of Japan's low-density polyethylene market, which is projected to be 2.2 million-plus tons that year. To reach this goal, the company plans to quadruple sales of high-performance linear LDPE, which provides superior durability among other desirable characteristics. Dow also will use its new Polyolefin Technical Center in Singapore and a similar facility in Japan to develop value-added polyethylene products for the Japanese market. Palo Alto, California's GENEASIA, INC. and Tokyo-based CMIC CO., LTD., Japan's largest provider of contract research organization services to the pharmaceutical industry, have set out to pioneer a new type of CRO business. In addition to traditional clinical testing services, it will provide contract research based on pharmacogenomics, GeneAsia's specialty. Pharmacogenomics uses genetics to better understand drug pharmacology. It is said to enhance the clinical assessment of drug profiles and also to ensure that new drug compounds have greater efficacy and lower toxicity. Diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and obesity are the initial disease targets of the pharmacogenomics studies offered by GeneAsia and CMIC.

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